Laronde Family Pictures


Left to right: (Rodolphe) Duffy Laronde, Eileen Laronde, Pepe', Doreen Anderson Laronde, Joe Laronde, Junior Proulx, Ollie Laronde, Lillian Laronde, back row: Al Laronde, Louise Cosgrove, Tommie Cosgrove, Meme'




Pepe', Meme', Lillian Laronde, Al Laronde



Pepe', Ellen Laronde (wall), Meme'


Back row: George Henry Proulx, Ollie Laronde, Pepe', Albert J. Laronde, Henry Laronde, Eileen Laronde, Duffy Laronde (almost hidden), Mary C. Cronin (Eileen's sister)

Center: Meme' holding baby, Lillian, Peggy Laronde, Louise Cosgrove, Tommie Cosgrove

Front: Lois Laronde, Clair Proulx, Joan Laronde

The Baby may be Ellen Laronde (Callander). That would mean April 1942.

The photographer is probably Leda Proulx since she must have been there but is not pictured.

What are Mary and Eileen laughing at?